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Friday, March 26, 2010

BaselWorld 2010: Rolex Oyster Perpetual Explorer New Watch

Rolex Oyster Perpetual Explorer New Watch

May 29th, 1953, when Sir Edmund Hillary and Tensing Norgay finally conquered Qomolangma, two watches on their wrists has been remembed by history. “Because it’s there.” So many expeditions, so many attempts and so many dreams, all motivated by this simple faith.

Since 1920s, Rolex has been using the whole world as its quality-testing laborotary, it believed that using the real conditions to test watch is the best way. Influened by this pioneering spirit, Rolex equipped in numerous Himalayan expeditions and those “experiment results” had direct impact on its development.

Now on BaselWorld 2010, the new Rolex Oyster Perpetual Explorer creation finally unveiled, 39mm large 904L steel case, Calibre 3132 selfwinding movement, Additional glide-lock clasp, blend classic and modern enements together, and the Calibre 3132 movement bring Oyster Perpetual Explorer new heights in precision.

More information:

39mm 904L steel case

Sapphire crystal

Movement: Calibre 3132, selfwinding, developed in-house, bearing COSO Chronometer certification power reserve to 48 hours

904L steel band

Waterproof to 100 meters

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

BaselWorld 2010: Rolex Oyster Perpetual Submariner Date New Watches

Since first released in 1953, Rolex Oyster Perpetual Submariner Date watches have always being the necessary helper for divers. The new Rolex Oyster Perpetual Submariner Date, with black and green dial two different editions now in 904L steel, featuring a ceramic bezel, unveiled on BaselWorld 2010.

The Ceramic Bezel

Rolex has created for the new steel Submariner Date a special Cerachrom bezel. Made from extremely hard ceramic material, it has excellent corrosion resisitant properties, its colour is unaffected by ultraviolet rays and it is virtually scratch-proof.

Gliderlock clasp

The new submariner is no stranger to comfort, the rolex glidelock clasp allows for fine adjustments of the bracelet length.letting divers expand the band incrementally up to 21mm. This remarkable extendsion allows for a secure and comfortable fit over the most protective diving suits. Or under the best tailored suits.

More information:

Size: 40mm

Material: 904L steel

Bezel: unidirectional, rotatable

Crown: triplock

Crystal: sapphire

Movement: Calibre 3135, COSC certificated, power reserve to 48 hours

Waterproof to 300 meters

Rolex Navitimer COSC Automatic Chronograph Watch

Made with stunning craftsmanship from the finest stainless steel, the Rolex Navitimer COSC Automatic Chronograph Watch has a grace and sophistication not found in standard men's Replica Watches. Functioning without a battery, this Navitimer COSC watch powers automatically with the movement of your arms.

The brushed and polished stainless steel design includes a handsome six-link bracelet and a bidirectional rotating slide-rule bezel. Protected by a cambered sapphire crystal, the round silver dial is intricate yet easy to read, with Arabic numeral hour markers, three chronograph subdials, and a date display between four and five o'clock. This watch is water resistant to 99 feet (30 M).

Movement of men the most attractive, wrist movement is a block manager, can be easily related to health and progressive attitude towards life is linked. No wonder some people say: "I found my nearest items, is a high-quality watches, it has a certain function (waterproof or speed), solid and elegant, it fit my life credo, professional, courage, progressive and grace is my pursuit."

This new Rolex chronograph is not only comfortable to wear, and the crown and the non-slip buttons easy to operate. At the same time, large-scale indicators designed to make managers in any environment can be easily read under all the time. Although the air-ground Avenger Chronograph watch with the superior performance, but its aesthetic design is undoubtedly the most impressive - the high-tech digital scale dial coupled with classic, reveals a detailed craftsmanship of the watch lines. In addition, Avenger Skyland Avenger Chrono ground and air launched version of the unique material Avenger Skyland Black Steel, the steel through the carbon nitride treatment, is a dark black solid material, called black steel. As a land and air Avenger Chronograph limited edition, black steel models are expected by the end of listing, the world's limited edition of only 2,000. Rolex Watches is the world's only able to produce each section of their movement to provide the Swiss watch brand officially certified the Hong Kong Observatory. Hundred years, the replica Rolex watch with its classic styling, highly sophisticated timing technology has become sought after collectors watches objects.

Monday, March 22, 2010

Best Way to Keep Your Rolex Watch in Good Condition

Most of people who have taste and elegance love wearing the Rolex watches. They have become synonymous with elegance and style. But the users of Rolex watches need to perform periodic maintenances to ensure they remain in proper shape and function well over time.

Like every products the Rolex watches are also affected by the regular wear and tear and they need occasional lubrication of delicate parts. The company advises the users to get their watches serviced at a frequency of 3 to 5 years. Of course this also depends on the using habits of an individual. After buying a Rolex watch the buyer needs to locate a nearby Miami, Florida Rolex service center for future maintenance.

A Rolex watch can show near accurate time after undergoing maintenance. The users need not be disappointed. This is a common thing with watches. If the watch is kept in proximity to strong magnetic field and varying temperature, this might change.

The users should not compromise with money for servicing the Rolex watches. A person who is fond of his Rolex watch should look for an authorized and reputed service center. Choosing an authorized and genuine service center will also ensure that his precious watch is getting repaired with authentic Rolex parts. If a person is in doubt he can ask the service centre personnel.

Some models of Rolex watches were made with plastic crystals. There are some people who feel like replacing those crystals with a sapphire crystal. This is not advisable. It does not work out in the majority of the cases and the watch may eventually stop working. Changing the plastic crystals also makes the watch lose its water-resistant capability. The users need to resist the temptation at any cost. However, the users of the watches also need to be careful about using the watch. In many instances, the Rolex watches have lasted for close to three decades. Therefore, a steep service fee should not be taken as a dampener for a Rolex watch owner to avoid the Genuine Rolex service centers.

There are many Rolex watch owners who search for finding a service center that can take care of their beloved watches. They can search in the web for finding reputed service centers that repair and perform servicing of the Rolex watches. If a Rolex owner is looking for a one stop solution for his watch maintenance and care needs he can count on Excel Time Service.

Excel Time Service was set up in 2006. It believes in providing the customers the best value for their money. The company never compromises with service quality. The president of the company has more than a decade of luxury watch service expertise. He is a veteran in vintage watch repair and maintenance service. He also worked at the famous auction house, Christie's in the vintage watch department as a manager. The company also offers a service guarantee with 1 year duration.

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Rolex: Watches for Sophisticated And Intelligent People

Not every person is considered to be a sophisticated and intelligent one. There are some, who are different from the others. They stand out and become prominent in a group of people. If we ever consider that what is the reason behind some people getting more attention and attraction than the others then the answer would be easy. It is the way and style of the people which makes them different from the others. It is due to the kind of dressing, their style, their personality as well as due to the accessories they wear. Among all of the other things, it is said that the appearance and outlook of the people is the first thing which is noticed by others. You appearance creates the first impression that makes you position in a gathering of many people.

Watches have always been a great way of showing your personality and depicting your style. You can easily impress others and get their attention with the help of a watch. There are many different branded watches such as Omerga watches, Michelle watches, Cartier watches and Breitling watches but the Rolex watches are considered to be the best ones when it comes to purchasing the best looking and elegant watches. Although the mens Breitling watches are competing greatly with the men’s watches by Rolex yet Rolex is considered to be the top of all the providers of the watches. Rolex is such a brand which provides you great flexibility and variety when it comes to purchasing the best looking watches. It is also common for the people that they get bored with the old watch they have and would want to have a new one for them. Rolex again provides you with great flexibility. You can easily have the Rolex trade in watches which allows you to sell of your old watch and get a latest one in place of the old one. This provides a great opportunity for the watch lovers and for those who always want to stay updates with the fashion sense and style.

There are also the replica watches available for all of these brands. It is a great way of getting the brand named watches for less and save a lot of money by getting the same style and design like the original ones. These watches can make you feel as if you are wearing the original branded watches and the other people would also not know that you are wearing the replica watch due to the great perfection in their design and style.

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Brief History of Rolex and Its Representive Watches

When speaking about luxury watch brands, the name Rolex is always one of the first to be mentioned. However, what is really known about this watch aside from the mystique that surrounds it? In this guide I will go over a little of the history of the Rolex, the various types, prices and more.

The Rolex Company was started by the German born Hans Wilsdorf and his brother in law in 1908. During this time, frame watches were not very reliable, accurate or compact in size. Rolex s innovations have raised the bar as to how watches are to look and perform. Just a few years later Rolex got the presages Official Chronometer Certification in 1910. This is Swiss Chronometer Testing Institute that certifies the accuracy and precision of wristwatches.

Through the years Rolex has continued to contribute to the way we view time. In 1931 the Rolex Oyster Perpetual was developed which prevented water from leaking into the timepiece. We take that sort of thing for granted these days since most watches are made to be waterproof. However, back before Rolex came along, this was a common problem. Each Oyster produced today stays waterproof to at least 300 feet. Today, the price for a authentic Rolex Oyster Perpetual ranges from a few thousand dollars to over sixty thousand dollars each. One of the reasons the price is justified aside from the quality the Rolex brand offers is the limited availability. Rolex only produces a few hundred thousand watches a year. This has lead to a huge amount of replica and counterfeit Rolex watches being sold. For many, a second hand Rolex is the best option.

Types of Rolex Watches

Oyster Perpetual Submariner

This unique watch offers a rotatable bezel so divers can check to see how long they have been underwater. This feature works in addition to the standard time function.

Men s Explorer II Rolex

Key benefits include; self winding, stainless steel and sweep second hand.

Rolex Sea Dweller

The Sea Dweller is a new watch for divers that stays waterproof up to a depth of 3,900m.

Ladies Datejust Rolex

This 18kt white gold bezel watch displays the date at the three o clock position. It is water resistant up to thirty meters and features thirty one jewel chronometer automatic movement.

Rolex Models

Mens Datejust Rolex

Mens Presidential Rolex

Mens Submariner Rolex

Rolex Cosmograph Daytona

Mens Yacht Master Rolex

Air King

Ladies Date/Datejust


Explorer II

Oyster Perpetual


Sea Dweller


Authorized Dealers

Since the price of Rolex watches are steep and fakes are common, it is best to find authorized dealers who order directly from Rolex if you plan on buying one. This is the safest way to ensure against fraud. Many people get drawn into buying fake Rolex watches each year thinking they are getting a deal. In reality they are being ripped off. Buying expensive watches online can be a very costly mistake. It s easy to pass off replica Rolex s to unsuspecting customers because they can t actually see the watch for themselves.


Style, elegance, sophistication and even expensive could all be used to describe the many varieties of Rolex watches. One thing that can t be said is that these watches are not unique, innovative or world renowned. Whether it be a watch for sports or fine dining, Rolex makes a watch for every occasion.

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

History of Rolex Explorer Series

Following part is from "The Best of Time: Rolex Wristwatches: An Unauthorized History" by James M. Dowling and Jeffrey P. Hess, Schiffer Publishing Ltd, ISBN 0-7643-0011-3

After the two-tone Rolex Datejust, the Explorer is one of the most easily recognizable of all Rolex models. With its black dial, large luminous triangle marker at 12, and luminous arabic numerals for the other quarters, it is the perfect mixture of a sport and a dress watch. It seems to have been around as long as there have been Rolexes, but that is not exactly true. However, as with most legends, finding the truth is never simple.

Before we get into the history of the Rolex Explorer it is perhaps first worth defining the watch itself. The generally accepted definition of an Explorer is that it is any watch with the dial described above. Unfortunately, one often encounters watches with the word "Explorer" proudly printed on their dial, which bear no resemblance to this description. More rarely, one sees an Explorer dial on other Rolex models. In this discussion of the Explorer we are exercising our writers' prerogative and choosing to include all of the above as Explorers.

The generally accepted origin of the Explorer is that it was first designed and made in honor of Edmund Hilary and Tenzing Norgay, who, on May 29, 1953, were the first to reach the summit of Everest and who did so wearing Rolex wristwatches. The only problem with this hypothesis is that it can not possibly be true. The climbers on Everest were, in fact, wearing Explorers. so the watch had to have been introduced before the climb and not after. One of the watches worn on that expedition was auctioned by Sotheby's London on July 19, 1988 as lot 117, (see photograph on page 243). As you can see the watch was a classic early Explorer down to the "Mercedes" hands, except for the absence of the word "Explorer" on the dial. The shape of the watch land the description by Sotheby's as a "Bubble Back" Explorer) leads us to believe the watch is in fact a model 6350. This hypothesis is strengthened by the photograph on page 246 which shows another model 6350 with art almost identical dial. The main difference between the two is that the Sotheby watch lacks "Explorer" but has the word "Precision" above the 6, whereas the other watch has the word "Explorer" but lacks either "Precision" or "Officially Certified Chronometer" above the 6. Instead it has a British military marking in their place, as well as on the case back. In the early 1950s, the period these watches were made, Rolex often stamped the in- side of the case back with the date of manufacture. The military 63,50, marked Explorer, shows the manufacture date as IV 53, meaning the 4th month of 1953. As stated above, Everest was conquered on the May 29, 1953. Using these facts, it seems likely that Explorers were in production prior to the conquest of Everest. It is also worth noting that the name "Explorer" was registered in Geneva on the January 26, 1953, obviously well before the conquest of the world's highest mountain.

While it is true that many of the members of the successful Everest expedition were issued with Rolex watches (see the advertisement on page 243), the embarrassing fact for Rolex was that only one of the two climbers at the top was wearing a Rolex. This watch, worn by Tenzing Norgay, is now in the Rolex Museum in Geneva. Although Rolex was an official supplier to the Everest expedition, so was the English watch company Smith's and Edmund Hilary chose to wear a Smith's watch (see the advertisement below). In the end it was the Rolex publicity machine that triumphed. Interestingly, due to a pact made by Tenzing and Hilary, we will never know which watch was first at the summit; both climbers have always said that it mattered nothing who was first.

The real origins of the Explorer are revealed by its name. It was designed for explorers and so it had a high visibility dial. an extra strong case, and, on request, it could even be lubricated with a special oil which could withstand temperatures of between -20°C and +40° without changes in its viscosity. As such it was used by many expeditions both before and after the successful Everest expedition.

The look of the Explorer is all about the dial, which is a mixture of a number of previously used styles. The large triangle at "12" was first used by the company on the mixed Roman and Arabic dial of the early 1940s. The large arabic numerals for the Quarters and bars for the remainder are seen on many of the very first model cushion Oysters. Despite this somewhat mixed parentage, the dial has taken on an identity of its own and can never be confused with any other.

These first Explorers (6350 models) used the "big bubbleback" 10-1,/2"' A296 movement. Most of the other 63,50 models to have surfaced do not have the classic "Mercedes'' hands. In- stead they have heavily luminized versions of the standard parallel hands of the period. While the sweep seconds hand is very strange, it looks similar to the current hand having a large circular luminous insert. Closer examination reveals that this circular insert is at the tip of the hand, not 4 mm from the tip as now. Most of the early 6350 dials are also unusual in that they are "honeycomb" textured (how the company managed to print on this surface is a mystery) and are signed as "Officially Certified Chronometer." It is difficult to know how successful this model was, for it is not exactly a common piece and seems to have been replaced by the 6150 model within a year or so. Powered by the same movement, the 6150 was distinguishable from the 6350 by being 2mm. larger and was only available as a Precision model. Not all the 6150s were classic Explorers. The one shown in the photograph on page 249 is unusual in that. while it bears the normal reference number, the dial is previously unknown. The 61,50 was made until 1959 when it was replaced by the 6610, which appears identical, but in fact can be identified by its flatter back. a consequence of using the newer 1030 calibre movement". The dial of the 66 ill is signed "Chronometer. " The simplest method of recognizing any of the early Explorers is by looking at the dial. Although they are all steel watches, all of the printing on the dials (the minute track, the Rolex logo and the model name) is in gold.

During these early days of the Explorer, Rolex was unsure of the model's potential. As a result the name was affixed to a number of watches not immediately recognizable as Explorers. Today the name and the look are so intimately entwined it seems ridiculous to apply the name to watches which were so obviously not what we would call Explorers. But it happened, and the results are some of the rarest Explorer models known. There were two distinct variations on the theme and they seem to have been aimed at two distinct markets. The first was the so-called "Air-King" Explorer. This was an Explorer bearing the 5500 model number usually applied to the Air-King, but with an Explorer dial that is marked "Precision" rather than the "Superlative Chronometer Officially Certified" we would expect to see. There has been some doubt that these watches are real, for, if we examine the watch closely, we can see that the dial is smaller than a normal Explorer dial. But the receipt from Rolex, shown on the previous page, lists a 5500 Explorer. With this information we think we can validate these as genuine Rolex pieces. A closer examination of all of these models which have turned up with original paperwork reveals one further interesting fact. All of them were purchased from N.A.A.F.l. (the British equivalent of the PX) in the middle or far east. Whether or not the model was made as a comparatively inexpensive military style watch for officers to purchase with their own money is just one more question waiting to be resolved.

Monday, March 15, 2010

Why So Many People Choose Rolex Replica Watch

The Rolex brand is easily the most popular brand of watches today, and as such it is the most widely replicated as well. In this day and age, the industry of Rolex replica watches is so pervasive, that a replica watch is no longer synonymous with poor quality. There are many reasons why you may consider choosing a Rolex replica time piece over an authentic watch.

The reasoning behind your choice to purchase a Rolex replica watch will depend entirely on why you want to have a Rolex watch at all. The Rolex brand is known for its superior quality and durability, as well as for its stylish nature. So deciding which feature is most important to you as far as price, style, and quality is concerned will be a huge factor in determining your decision to purchase a Rolex replica.

The primary reason people choose to purchase a Rolex replica watch over an authentic watch is the obvious price difference. An authentic Rolex can cost you upwards of tens of thousands of dollars. Why spend that money on watch, when you can get an excellent quality time piece that is as close to the real thing as possible? Use your savings for a vacation or a new vehicle, and still enjoy the class and quality you can have by wearing a Rolex replica watch.

The reputation that upholds the Rolex name still stands true even for a Rolex replica watch. The Rolex name is known as the best watch brand that money can buy. It is a symbol of elegance ad class. You can still choose to participate in the benefits offered by the Rolex name by wearing a Rolex replica timepiece that carries all of the same features of the original, minus the price tag. In fact, Rolex replica watches are so similar to the original product that most of them even carry the same non-battery method of operation as the Rolex original.

A further advantage to choosing a Rolex replica watch is that with the price savings you experience, you can essentially afford to purchase several models. If you truly enjoy the class and style that embodies the Rolex experience, why not purchase more than one for the various occasions you will find yourself in.

The industry of the Rolex replica watch has changed drastically over the last several years. Do your research for the retailer that will provide for you the most authentic looking Rolex replica with the features that you need in a Rolex watch. In this day and age, online retailers are working hard to earn your business, and many Rolex experts have even had to do a double take on a Rolex replica watch. The weight and craftsmanship of today's Rolex replica watches have made them a far superior product to what they were yesterday. If you want the luxury and style of the Rolex name on your time piece without the large expense, choosing a Rolex replica watch has never been easier or more affordable.

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Rolex Flagship Model: Rolex Cosmograph Daytona

In developing the Oyster and Perpetual, Rolex were top runners at that time. And so in the field of pioneering chronographs, Rolex was considered to be a novice. Contrary to this, the extremely successful Cosmograph positioned Rolex of being the ultimate “sportsman's” watch. Being in demand amongst some of the biggest names in auto racing, in one of the largest racing communities of Daytona Beach, Florida, these watches were soon known as “Daytona”. Black with silver registers or cream white with black registers were the colors of the dials in the original Daytona's. After Paul Newman was seen sporting it in the movie “Winning”, these dials came to be known as “Paul Newman”.

In the late 1930's, with the production of the two button chronograph, a major breakthrough was made. With this feature people were now able to stop their watches and restart it on the same time where it was left off, without actually having to reset the time. Soon after this, the “Zerograph” was manufactured in limited numbers. Uncommon and rare, this 3462 model, was the first watch to display the Oyster crown and was literally the turning point for Rolex.

During World War II, Rolex introduced its first true Oyster chronograph (model 4500). Along with it came the 6232 and 3668 models in which all had faced very limited success. The 6232 and 3668 were powered by the 13” Valjoux movement and featured just a thirty minute register. In 1949, Rolex introduced model 5034 that featured the three button chronograph. In the next two decades and after three more models, the 6239 was introduced. In 1965, model 6240 replaced 6239 and the 6241 by 6264 respectively. Model 6240 was the first model to have screw-down waterproof pushers along with the name “oyster” on the dial. Earlier Oyster Chronographs had simple round pushers with internal gaskets as the only sealing mechanism. 6240 was rated being waterproof to 165 feet (50 meters). In the early 70’s, model 6264 was replaced by 6265 and the 6262 by 6263 respectively.

The first true Oyster chronograph, model 4500 was launched during the Second World War. Thereafter the 6232 and 3688 models were introduced, however they did not meet with much success. These two models, the 6232 and 3688 had a thirty minute register and both were powered by the the 13” Valjoux movement. The three button chronograph, model 5034 was introduced in 1949. Subsequently after three more models, during the next two decades the 6239 was introduced. Model 6240 replaced 6239 and the 6241 by 6264, in 1965. The first model to have screw-down waterproof pushers along with the name “oyster” on the dial was model 6240. The earlier Oyster Chronographs used internal gaskets as the only sealing mechanism with simple round pushers. However, the 6240 was rated as being waterproof to about 165 feet (50 meters). Model
6265 replaced 6246 and 6263 was responsible for replacing 6262, this was in the 1970's.

In the year 1988, a new version of the Daytona, model 16520 was launched by Rolex. Rolex went ahead and use the the new Zenith El Primero movement (Cal. 4030) rather than using the Valjoux movement. Large subsidiary dials in black, white or champagne with the name “Daytona” in red on the dial were featured on these dials. Available only in Model 16518 featured an exotic dial and bezel, was released in 1992.

Rolex released the new version of the Daytona (model 16520) in 1988. Instead of using the Valjoux movement, Rolex went with the new Zenith El Primero movement (Cal. 4030). The dials on this watch featured large subsidiary dials and came in black, white, or champagne with the name "Daytona" in red on the dial. In 1992, Rolex released model 16518. This watch featured an exotic dial and bezel and was only available in 18kt yellow gold. Model 16519 (white gold) was released 5 years later. Finally, model 116520 was introduced in 2000. Rolex added an extra 1 prefix to fit a 6-digit model number and this model was the first “in-house” movement for Daytona’s (Cal. 4130).

The stainless steel Daytona's continue to remain in demand and are still popular today, making it the most sought of all the Rolex watches.