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Thursday, June 17, 2010

The First Modern Actress To Wear Men's Rolex Watches

The Initial Modern Actress To Put on Men's Replica Rolex Watches?

Who says only males can put on two or three Rolex watches at as soon as?

Sounds sort of like Jerry Seinfeld saying "What may be the deal with skydivers putting on helmets? Do they actually think the helmet is going to accomplish something?" ;-))))))

Sharon Stone is one gorgeous woman and she absolutely loves sporting Rolex watches as noticed in this vintage 1980s shot!!! Sharon is wearing what appears being a two-tone Submariner having a black dial and bezel; a two-tone 36mm Rolex Datejust using a blue dial and I can't make out the third Rolex sandwiched within the middle. I just imagine I can make out an Oyster bracelet.

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Rolex CEO Patrick Heiniger To Resign

Patrick Heiniger, Rolex President and Managing Director, will resign at the end of the year. Heiniger did not make any comment, but issued a statement saying that Rolex, he decided from the desire for “personal activities.” Heiniger facing Rolex has implemented since 1992, when he succeeded his father, Andre, Managing Director. Andre Heiniger, his part to become managing director in 1960, this year’s Rolex founder Hans Wilsdorf died.
Rolex operations will continue under the auspices of the Board of Directors. According to Rolex, Patrick Heiniger will continue to work with the company’s advisory role.
Rolex was founded in 1908. In the achievements of Hans Wilsdorf was the establishment of a private trust run by the Board of Directors to ensure long-term stability and growth of the Replica Rolex Watches.

Monday, June 7, 2010

1954 Rolex Dragon Cloisonné

John Goldberger, who wrote the 100 lives of Replica Rolex Watches of superlative in Italy and introduced the photographs of this very rare Rolex to him [reference 6098]. It mentioned that it is very similar to the watch illustrated in its book on page 44, but in largeer diameter, which makes it so rare.
The dial was manufactured by Cadra Stern Frres, and it is signed by Charles Poluzzi. John took with the photographs this last weekend in the Italian countryside and it specified that the spring starts! ! !

You can check the examination of its large book which I made while clicking on here.

Rolex Backs Rita Hayworth Gala For Alzheimer’s Association

While continuing to support it has provided since 2003 Rolex underwriting this year’s Alzheimer’s Association Rita Hayworth was held in the Waldorf-Astoria Hotel in New York. 2008 marks the 25th anniversary of the party, established to commemorate Princess Khan gifted her mother, actress Rita Hayworth. Hayworth, one of the most famous star in 1940 has gone through a very early-onset Alzheimer’s disease in her life.
Attended the Alzheimer’s Association Rita Hayworth Gala is President, Rolex replica watches, the United States. Frank Bennack the hearts of small companies, an important supporter of the evening, received the Enterprise Award Brill, admitted that he was generous.
Since its inception, the Rita Hayworth gala has succeeded in raising more than 50 million U.S. dollars for research and treatment of Alzheimer’s disease.

Thursday, June 3, 2010

Introduction of Rolex Cosmograph Daytona

Rolex Daytona Replica Watch is the world’s most expensive watches the great success stories. Rolex Replica watches in a variety within the scope of the legendary permanent oysters, a few more of the mysteries of the order, all believers and lovers of concern, whether this time, its rich and varied history and the inherent mechanical excellence of the command status to it. Today, the animation production Rolex 4130 caliber, it is better than ever.
Rolex Daytona Cosmograph watches offer a wide range of versions, each distinguished by reference to the world-famous oysters, this first birth in 1926. Named after its impermeability humidity and dust, oyster processing of cases in each Cosmograph Daytona is from a solid billet of stainless steel or 18K gold. Screwdown assembly time pushers and screw Triplock crown – a familiar brand and submerged sea Dweller models – to ensure that the waterproof to a depth of 100 meters. Tachymeter polishing panel, which is calculating the average speed of calibration, head of sports heritage Daytona Rolex watches, and to provide a degree of protection of the edge, anti-scratch sapphire crystal.
Under the protection of screwdown caseback, its serrated grip to provide a good tool for opening up, especially Rolex, is the best time in the current production caliber. Rolex introduced in 2000 in Basel, 4130 caliber self-winding-up replaces the highest state of “El Primero” time-based Movement (caliber 4030) emerged in the past to repeat Daytona. By watches and clocks, in order to effectively combine classical and modern design elements, Rolex 4130 caliber round column to rely on classical time control function, and is equipped with a thoughtful design of the vertical clutch system, which can maximize the accuracy of business and long-term durability, at the same time Elimination of the central timing hands “jump” This is often accompanied by horizontal clutch timing system. Power reserve is 72 hours. Another feature will come to the fore the idea of an internal Rolex technically “Parachrom Bleu” hairspring, have created a unique fusion of niobium and zirconium. Breguet overcoil shape and improvement, it is impervious Parachrom hairspring impact, magnetic, is ten times more impact resistance than conventional hairsprings manufacturing Nivarox. Even further increase the impression of unshakable durability and long-time performance, given the 4130 Rolex movement, balance the bridge, which provides greater stability than under the impact of the balance wheel balance cock.
Although Rolex Cosmograph generation is perhaps the most famous coveted stainless steel in its change and white or black dial, the table also made a series of changes “Rolesor” 18K gold and stainless steel, as well as versions of 18K yellow, white, but now in 2008 – Rose Gold. All these Rolex watches are equipped with classic Oyster bracelet, which is characterized by polished center links and an adjustable buckle deployant a concealed micro-adjustment system, known as the “Easylink” Rolex. In the 18K the Daytona watches, can also take crocodile or ostrich leather, and can be a special display of a wide range of high-level jewelry explained that setting of diamonds, sapphires and other precious stones.

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

The Beauty of Rolex Watch

On the business in terms of, Replica Rolex Watch has been a relatively closed out of the state, but for waterproof watch industry, from 1927 onwards it has been at the top position. There is no doubt that “Oyster” series is the most successful type of luxury watches. In the past decade, one million have been several such tables were sold out. “Datejust”, “Day-Date”, “Explorer”, “Milgauss”, “GMT-Master”, “Yacht-Master”, “Daytona” and “Submariner” series, are the people coveted products, these products Like cash, like hanging on the wrist, full of luxury. In particular, “Submariner” series, from 1953 onwards, as all the mother of professional diving table, displaying the history, perhaps to reach the status of millions of selling goods. The most famous Swiss, Roger Federer, from him to create a national brand watches the most legendary legend. In 1905, he founded his own business, called “Wilsdorf and David company” (Wilsdorf and Davis), is a major watch company in charge of sales, but he also developed self-made watches.
At 8:00 on July 2, 1908, Rolex watches (Rolex watches) officially registered trademark. The first batch of Rolex watches (Rolex watches) because of its high technical quality and immediate attention. Rolex watch a small table in 1914, the Observatory has been Jiao (Kew Observatory) of A-level certificate, which is the well-known British Observatory has never been awarded the highest rating. Its accuracy has been recognized that this is a worldwide event, so that Rolex watches in Europe and the U.S. suddenly worth double. Since then, Rolex watches, the quality that is representative of the precision.
The first post-war years, to return to Rolex watches in Geneva, under the impetus of the founder, Rolex watches, the company constantly innovate, create and perfect their own. The direction of its research is two-fold: water-proof and automatic.
In 1926, the first waterproof, dust-proof table finally come out, and this is the famous “Ho” (Oyster) style sheet. Economic crisis in 1929 dealt a blow to Switzerland, Rolex watches, but not be affected. It was invented during this period on an automatic mechanism for refining, creating a subsequent popular “Perpetual” (Perpetual)-type table.
This table has a place automatically Tuo, never before used in watches, clocks and watches, it has brought a revolution, it is the pioneer of all the automatic table. In 1945, Rolex watches also produced with a date table, and 26 kinds of language can show that the date and week’s table.
Andre Heiniger Rolex watch can be carried forward in today’s world renowned altar table, which Andre Heiniger (Andre J. Heiniger) can not be separated from the inspiration and enthusiasm. Heiniger was born in 1921, Hans Wilsdorf the first time I see him, on him had a full confidence and sincere respect.
They both love come into contact with people, the pursuit of perfect. Wilsdorf Heiniger in 1948 invited to join the work of Rolex watches. Worked for him in Buenos Aires six years, responsible for the development of the market. Return to Geneva in 1955, promoted to the rank of Rolex watches, board members, starting in 1964 to replace the Wilsdorf become general manager of Rolex watches.
He faithfully inherit the cause of the founder of Rolex watches, and continuously improve the quality and technological innovation for the enterprise has brought new flavor: internationalization. This decision is the first step in corporate headquarters moved to the suburbs from the city center a beautiful new building. Then, Heiniger began his expedition, traveled every corner of the world and develop new markets. seiko He has amazing predictive power, decided to major cities on all continents to establish a branch, which is a pioneering work at the time.
Heiniger during his term of office has set up a Rolex watch Entrepreneurship Award This award is presented once every three years, incentives in the application of science, invention, exploration and research, scientific discovery and environmental protection in those who have made outstanding contributions.
Rolex watches from the current Patrick Heiniger (Patrick Heiniger) served as general manager, Patrick Heiniger Rolex watches in the “family” grew the tradition of love of the enterprise, he was ten years Rolex watch company lawyer, was appointed as business manager, general manager of the rank.

Rolex watches, the world headquarters from the 60’s started planning for the expansion project, completed in 1995, which is more than 80 years to create, innovate and progress the symbol of a leader with its emphasis on the entrepreneurial spirit that matches the logo.
Rolex watches for all our staff for a common goal to work hard, Rolex watches are continuing to carry forward its tradition, in the world to continue to serve as Geneva and representatives of high-quality watches.

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Jaeger-LeCoultre Supports Art Exhibition in Cannes

One of the most renowned photographers of the 7th art, British-born Lorenzo Agius, has successfully displayed its amazing collection, named "Cannes fait le mur". Exhibited in the course of the Cannes Film Festival, the collection includes the giant portrait of Sophie Marceau as well as those of other stars of international cinema. The guests of the 63rd Cannes Film Festival could enjoy these masterpieces right at the opening of the event.
The bewitching portrait of the accomplished French actress Sophie Marceau, featuring the dimensions of 8.70 m x 10.30m, decorated the front of the Hotel de Ville. The wall of the Cannes Riviera Hotel proudly revealed the portraits of Nicole Kidman, Jude Law, Ewan McGregor, Juliette Binoche, Kristin Scott Thomas and Diane Kruger performed in 8m x10m format. In general, 17 pieces of art adorned the most significant monuments of the town and the Rue d’Antibes, leading to the Palais des Festivals.
An official partner of the exhibition, the famous watchmaker Jaeger LeCoultre displayed the extraordinary works of Lorenzo Agius in its Boutique of Cannes. Thus, the brand emphasized its devotion to photographic and artistic creations. The visitors of the store can admire these gorgeous pieces of art within the period from May 12th through July 5th.
According to Lorenzo Agius, one of the most gifted portrait photographers, he is honored to have had an opportunity of working with the world’s brightest celebrities. Lorenzo has also emphasized that making a portrait for him does not imply only capturing a lovely appearance. To a considerable extent, it is about rendering emotions and character of the individual.