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Wednesday, June 2, 2010

The Beauty of Rolex Watch

On the business in terms of, Replica Rolex Watch has been a relatively closed out of the state, but for waterproof watch industry, from 1927 onwards it has been at the top position. There is no doubt that “Oyster” series is the most successful type of luxury watches. In the past decade, one million have been several such tables were sold out. “Datejust”, “Day-Date”, “Explorer”, “Milgauss”, “GMT-Master”, “Yacht-Master”, “Daytona” and “Submariner” series, are the people coveted products, these products Like cash, like hanging on the wrist, full of luxury. In particular, “Submariner” series, from 1953 onwards, as all the mother of professional diving table, displaying the history, perhaps to reach the status of millions of selling goods. The most famous Swiss, Roger Federer, from him to create a national brand watches the most legendary legend. In 1905, he founded his own business, called “Wilsdorf and David company” (Wilsdorf and Davis), is a major watch company in charge of sales, but he also developed self-made watches.
At 8:00 on July 2, 1908, Rolex watches (Rolex watches) officially registered trademark. The first batch of Rolex watches (Rolex watches) because of its high technical quality and immediate attention. Rolex watch a small table in 1914, the Observatory has been Jiao (Kew Observatory) of A-level certificate, which is the well-known British Observatory has never been awarded the highest rating. Its accuracy has been recognized that this is a worldwide event, so that Rolex watches in Europe and the U.S. suddenly worth double. Since then, Rolex watches, the quality that is representative of the precision.
The first post-war years, to return to Rolex watches in Geneva, under the impetus of the founder, Rolex watches, the company constantly innovate, create and perfect their own. The direction of its research is two-fold: water-proof and automatic.
In 1926, the first waterproof, dust-proof table finally come out, and this is the famous “Ho” (Oyster) style sheet. Economic crisis in 1929 dealt a blow to Switzerland, Rolex watches, but not be affected. It was invented during this period on an automatic mechanism for refining, creating a subsequent popular “Perpetual” (Perpetual)-type table.
This table has a place automatically Tuo, never before used in watches, clocks and watches, it has brought a revolution, it is the pioneer of all the automatic table. In 1945, Rolex watches also produced with a date table, and 26 kinds of language can show that the date and week’s table.
Andre Heiniger Rolex watch can be carried forward in today’s world renowned altar table, which Andre Heiniger (Andre J. Heiniger) can not be separated from the inspiration and enthusiasm. Heiniger was born in 1921, Hans Wilsdorf the first time I see him, on him had a full confidence and sincere respect.
They both love come into contact with people, the pursuit of perfect. Wilsdorf Heiniger in 1948 invited to join the work of Rolex watches. Worked for him in Buenos Aires six years, responsible for the development of the market. Return to Geneva in 1955, promoted to the rank of Rolex watches, board members, starting in 1964 to replace the Wilsdorf become general manager of Rolex watches.
He faithfully inherit the cause of the founder of Rolex watches, and continuously improve the quality and technological innovation for the enterprise has brought new flavor: internationalization. This decision is the first step in corporate headquarters moved to the suburbs from the city center a beautiful new building. Then, Heiniger began his expedition, traveled every corner of the world and develop new markets. seiko He has amazing predictive power, decided to major cities on all continents to establish a branch, which is a pioneering work at the time.
Heiniger during his term of office has set up a Rolex watch Entrepreneurship Award This award is presented once every three years, incentives in the application of science, invention, exploration and research, scientific discovery and environmental protection in those who have made outstanding contributions.
Rolex watches from the current Patrick Heiniger (Patrick Heiniger) served as general manager, Patrick Heiniger Rolex watches in the “family” grew the tradition of love of the enterprise, he was ten years Rolex watch company lawyer, was appointed as business manager, general manager of the rank.

Rolex watches, the world headquarters from the 60’s started planning for the expansion project, completed in 1995, which is more than 80 years to create, innovate and progress the symbol of a leader with its emphasis on the entrepreneurial spirit that matches the logo.
Rolex watches for all our staff for a common goal to work hard, Rolex watches are continuing to carry forward its tradition, in the world to continue to serve as Geneva and representatives of high-quality watches.

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