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Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Rolex Submariner Models

Submariner in the production line is the first time in 1954, sales of 6204 models, which is rated waterproof up to 600 feet. It is worth noting that not all the early models is responsible for the “submerged” text on the face. 6204 to replace the logic model, 6205, after it was released in the same year. 6205 Model minor cosmetic changes to enjoy, such as dial-up and logo, as well as changes in water depth level (330 feet). Both the original model will be designated submerged later renamed the 6538 and 6536.

Replica Rolex Submariner modified design, and included in the 5512 crown in 1959 grading guard Plaza. Some years later, the 5512 models will be stamped the words “the Hong Kong Observatory official certification” over the “6″ position on dial-up. In the 5513 model is released in 1962, this is the model in the use of tritium (instead of laser), as the materials used for brilliant viewing surface decoration projects. This change marked the words “Switzerland Ť” 25 “on the surface of Rolex.

In 1960 the color of dial-up submerged by white gold, the current text in front of the words “High Observatory official certification.” In the 1680 Rolex Submariner model was launched in 1966 is important, because it is the first model, the date and functional crystal covered with different shapes, because the date-display features a magnifying glass. Submarine model made after 1680 and in 1980 was renamed to give 16,800 more flexible crystal (also thin), as well as more in-depth water level (1000 feet) and a function, only allowed to watch panel counterclockwise. Model changed to 16,610 in the 16,800 model, which is the current Rolex Submariner model.
Whole life, Rolex Submariner production lines have different materials, such as in many different types of materials. The 14060M, 16610, 16610LV model, steel, made a combination of steel and 16,613 gold, 16,618 is gold.


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