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Monday, May 31, 2010

Rolex Sea Dweller Two Tone

The Sea Dweller of Rolex Replica Watches was developed in close cooperation with the company of French diving of deep sea COMEX. Their plungers needed an instrument of synchronization which could resist their functioning depths, more can remain intact in the rise and decompression. The majority of the replica watches built at this time could not tolerate the extreme depths.The helium gas would accumulate inside the case and with decompression the gas pressure would increase.The interior pressure of rise would be released thereafter by breaking the crystal, the weakest point in the design of case.
Rolex developed the valve of helium release in the Sixties and incorporated it the first time in some their watches of submariner delivered to the company of French diving, COMEX.The test of these particularly adapted models of submariner 5513 was that Rolex specifically made a series of watches for COMEX and the watch was given a number of the official type, 5514 so succeeded.It was such a success that Rolex decided to launch the watch like number of the type 1665 from here 1967.
The 1665 were at the beginning precipitated with the production and a part early observes was sent to the retailers for promotion or the sales early.Some authorities declare that the number is less, approximately 150, whereas others allege that the number is much larger and that several hundreds can be made.
The helium valve had been developed and the patent had been applied, but Rolex had not received final approval. Consequently, engraving on the caseback of these inhabitants early of sea indicated in the bracket pending patent.
The regular production of the double inhabitants of the Red Sea started in 1971 and finished in roughly 1977.
There were certain characteristics on these watches which made them different from the regular production of double inhabitants of the Red Sea.

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