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Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Rolex Daytona Yellow Gold Case Leopard Print Strap

This $40000 affluence Rolex Daytona, is with architecture and azure stones and decked on top of a bobcat book design. Maybe you can find a copy in some websites, the Swiss Replica Watches Store is a top dealer who sells Swiss Rolex Replica Watches and other Swiss brand watches.

The watch has an 18-karat chicken gold case, with 36 baguette cognac sapphires about the physique and eight precious stones accessory on the dial. Another 48 precious stones are decked appropriate area the band (with its 18k chicken gold adaptable clasp) connects to the frame. Both the bejeweled punch and the covering band are clad in loud yellow, atramentous and red bobcat print.

It seems actual strange, absolutely altered from the antecedent Rolex affected and adroit design, or evev to some amount too wild. Will you buy it if you’re affordable?

The a lot of humans would say no, for that although it’s originally advised for men, it appears a little feminine. As a analysis by some activity sites shows that abounding men buy this one but never abrasion it. Hence, we may rarely see this watch beat in someone’s wrist.

However, women will like it. Unlike men’s action of affairs this watch, women’s may be the pursuits of absolution their centralized passion. Bling-bling is one thing. A bobcat book for a Daytona, continued advised as the a lot of admirable Rolex anytime produced, is a accomplished added deal. Of course, adorableness is consistently in the eye of the beholder.

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  1. This Rolex watch should definitely go to my ladylove and I will not give a replica to her coz it only means that you're love is not the real thing... I'll give it to her even it costs a fortune...

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