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Wednesday, May 5, 2010

New Complication Line - Rolex YachtMaster II

The Replica Rolex Yacht-Master II regatta alarm is the aboriginal watch to accept a programmable admission affection with a automated memory, which gives it the advantage of getting able to be set according to the admission time of anniversary regatta. Intended for lovers of canoeing as able-bodied as for accomplished skippers, it is an basal apparatus at the starting band of regattas.

With the Yacht-Master II, it is accessible to affairs a admission of 0 to 10 minutes. During the starting sequences, it can be synchronised to the official countdown.

This new archival aggravation is beneficiary to all of Rolex’s watchmaking ability and allowances from the vertical affiliation agitated out by the aggregation over the endure 10 years. A different alternation amid the movement, the case and the bezel makes the Yacht-Master II a absolutely new creation, a new bearing watch. The assorted functions of this new Oyster able are advised to be accomplished calmly application alone one hand.

The Yacht-Master II is able with a new movement, the 4160 calibre, consisting of 360 components, absolutely advised and bogus by Rolex.

Crafted from a solid block of 18 ct chicken or white gold, the Yacht-Master II case has bore of 42.6 mm. Able with a Triplock ambagious acme adequate by shoulders, it has two pushers, one on either ancillary of the ambagious crown. The start/stop pusher amid at the two o’clock position starts and stops the countdown. The displace pusher amid at the four o’clock position has three functions: programming, synchronising and ambience the countdown. The addition involves the alternation amid the case and the movement, acknowledgment to the Ring Command bezel, which is acclimated for programming the continuance of the countdown.

The Yacht-Master II is affirmed waterproof to 100 metres.

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