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Thursday, May 20, 2010

Marilyn Monroe and Her Golden Rolex Day Date Watch

In October of 2005, a Replica Day Date of gold Replica Rolex Watch, generally known under the name of president of Rolex, sold at the house of the sales with-bidding of Alexandre in Greenwich, Connecticut for $120.000 dollars, breaking the disc of house. An astounding watch indeed, it was the historical ambiguity of origins of the watch which led to the top of the selling price.

Supposedly, the president of gold Rolex was given to John F. Kennedy by iconic Marilyn Monroe the evening where the actress serenaded celebrates it, singing a choking interpretation of happy birthdayon May 19, 1962, in the Madison Square Garden of New York. Registered with the words, Jack, with love as always of Marilyn, May 29, 1962, the watch was sold with an authorized poetry: A sincere complaint on your birthday,introduced with the keyboard the black on a paper disc placed at the body floor gold containing the gift. The date on the inscription corresponds to the birthday of Kennedy. However, even after collecting a price exorbitant with the bidding, much experts always doubt that the watch is a true piece of history or a refined fake.

According to the history, Marilyn Monroe gave the watch to Kenneth O’donnell, the assistance of Kennedy, the night of the celebration. Largely allowed to have a business, the watch was a gift of Monroe to President Kennedy. When Kenneth O’donnell passed the watch above to J.F.K., Kennedy said to him that you of him dbarassez,according to a note which was sold with the watch.

One expected that Rolex was put upwards for the bidding in 2005 and is sold for between $40.000 and $60.000, a underestimate gross considering the final selling price of $120.000. Bill Panagopulos, founder of the house of the sales with-bidding, explained the enormous anomaly: It is the hardest thing which I never had to estimate, the historical relics, particularly when there is a council of joined scandal, defy any attempt by an appraiser to estimate their selling price.

The greatest question, by considering the evaluation of the watch, is if it is really authentic. Rather than being sold by the family of O’donnell, Panagopulos indicated that th

e president of Rolex had been brought to him by an English citizen, which describes its family as being the pawnbrokers ahead for the aristocratic classes.Acc

ording to Panagopulos, the serial number and the engraving of the watch are adapted during time, and the history of the watch was confirmed by a family member of the old assistance of Kennedy.

A design flowered on the higher lid of the round gold case containing Rolex shows two doves embracing.At the bottom of the case, there is a piece of paper round printed with the poetry of Marilyn to its in love pled. Heading a sincere complaint on your birthday,poetry reads, leave in love ones breathes their soupirs/et the pinks flower and the noise of musique/a left the burn of passion on lips and yeux/et the pleasures that the merry world tournent/a left the sun but to flood the sky and let me like or let me die!

In a general way, Rolex and its notes of accompaniment represent a dramatic course of events which will be always wrapped in the speculation. The death of Marilyn Monroe, by a mysterious overdose in August 1962, and the assassination of President Kennedy in November 1963, means that the truth can be never known. The assistance, Kenneth O’donnell, which was given the watch in the history, disappeared in 1977, and its family refuses to present her observations on gold Rolex and her historical validity. It seems that if the tale is true, the anonymous purchaser of this president of Rolex will never regret the timeless sophistication of this watch and the intrigue of his origins.

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