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Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Rolex CEO Patrick Heiniger To Resign

Patrick Heiniger, Rolex President and Managing Director, will resign at the end of the year. Heiniger did not make any comment, but issued a statement saying that Rolex, he decided from the desire for “personal activities.” Heiniger facing Rolex has implemented since 1992, when he succeeded his father, Andre, Managing Director. Andre Heiniger, his part to become managing director in 1960, this year’s Rolex founder Hans Wilsdorf died.
Rolex operations will continue under the auspices of the Board of Directors. According to Rolex, Patrick Heiniger will continue to work with the company’s advisory role.
Rolex was founded in 1908. In the achievements of Hans Wilsdorf was the establishment of a private trust run by the Board of Directors to ensure long-term stability and growth of the Replica Rolex Watches.


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