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Monday, March 22, 2010

Best Way to Keep Your Rolex Watch in Good Condition

Most of people who have taste and elegance love wearing the Rolex watches. They have become synonymous with elegance and style. But the users of Rolex watches need to perform periodic maintenances to ensure they remain in proper shape and function well over time.

Like every products the Rolex watches are also affected by the regular wear and tear and they need occasional lubrication of delicate parts. The company advises the users to get their watches serviced at a frequency of 3 to 5 years. Of course this also depends on the using habits of an individual. After buying a Rolex watch the buyer needs to locate a nearby Miami, Florida Rolex service center for future maintenance.

A Rolex watch can show near accurate time after undergoing maintenance. The users need not be disappointed. This is a common thing with watches. If the watch is kept in proximity to strong magnetic field and varying temperature, this might change.

The users should not compromise with money for servicing the Rolex watches. A person who is fond of his Rolex watch should look for an authorized and reputed service center. Choosing an authorized and genuine service center will also ensure that his precious watch is getting repaired with authentic Rolex parts. If a person is in doubt he can ask the service centre personnel.

Some models of Rolex watches were made with plastic crystals. There are some people who feel like replacing those crystals with a sapphire crystal. This is not advisable. It does not work out in the majority of the cases and the watch may eventually stop working. Changing the plastic crystals also makes the watch lose its water-resistant capability. The users need to resist the temptation at any cost. However, the users of the watches also need to be careful about using the watch. In many instances, the Rolex watches have lasted for close to three decades. Therefore, a steep service fee should not be taken as a dampener for a Rolex watch owner to avoid the Genuine Rolex service centers.

There are many Rolex watch owners who search for finding a service center that can take care of their beloved watches. They can search in the web for finding reputed service centers that repair and perform servicing of the Rolex watches. If a Rolex owner is looking for a one stop solution for his watch maintenance and care needs he can count on Excel Time Service.

Excel Time Service was set up in 2006. It believes in providing the customers the best value for their money. The company never compromises with service quality. The president of the company has more than a decade of luxury watch service expertise. He is a veteran in vintage watch repair and maintenance service. He also worked at the famous auction house, Christie's in the vintage watch department as a manager. The company also offers a service guarantee with 1 year duration.

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