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Friday, November 6, 2009

Choose Rolex Watch, want know why?

Many people like Rolex, while, there are also a lot of people hate it, then a strange result comes out, those richest and those poor people both dislike Rolex.

When you see Rolex at the first sight, besides it’s brand, it seems like normal, totally nothing special. Simple oyster dial, simple bracelet, and normal straight watchhand, well, I want to repeat, totally nothing special.

To those riches, the most annoying thing that buy Rolex could bring to them is that almost all the new-riches buy Rolex, and even worse, most of those Rolex are 18K gold, well, no people want to be labled upstarts.

But why still lots of people choose Rolex?

Well, every time when we talked about movement’s quality and durability, we just cannot help mentioning Rolex movement, we must admit they are the best! Rolex never made a single series with complicated functions, instead of that, it pay all attention to its watches’ durability(here including all parts) and accurately work, and it succeed.

So, to be objective, Rolex is an classical fabulous watch brand, and has its feature make people like them more and more. That is, it can insure value. Much older and less, more expensive!

After say all this I just want to share one point with you guys, that is, not every word beyond the truth when you talk about Rolex. Just because it's Rolex!

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