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Tuesday, November 3, 2009

How to Identify Fake Rolex

Since 2005, people found that many fake Rolex producers had improved their technology, renewed many details on their fakes to make them more similar with genuine Rolex. For ordinary people, it’s harder to identify the fake Rolex. But while the devil climbs a post, the priest climbs ten, many experienced guys sumed up 3 easily-handed ways to help people to choose genuine Rolex.
Tip1. There is a small engraved crown at the 6 o’clock mark on the crystal. Although it’s almost impossible to spot with the naked eyes, don’t worry, there must be a loupe in the exclusive agency.
Tip2. There are the word “Rolex” and the watch’s serial number engraved at 6 o’clock under the crystal on the area between the crystal and the dial. Many fakes has this feature, but if you watch carefully, you will find the number and the number are printed, not engraved.
Tip3. The most easy way, saidly, but usually turned out to be the hardest way to hand, the price. Remember, an authertic Rolex(in good condition and in perfect working order) has never been sold less than $500. That is to say, as an luxury watch brand, the genuine Rolex is very expensive.
If you can remember these 3 tips and use them to identify the Rolex you want to buy, I think you can find the suoer nice one, of course, it’s real Rolex.


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