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Monday, July 20, 2009

Rolex Daytona for BMW Yellow Gold Bezel And Two Tone Band

The picture above is a Rolex Daytona replica watch for BMW, although it was a 2008 new model watch of Rolex Daytona, this replica rolex has been sold well since it was released. let's talk about this watch in more details.


Bezel: Engraved and calibrated for immediate read-off of speeds

Dial: Black dial. At 12 o'clock, there is a BMW logo. Each of three sub-dials is positioned at 3, 6, and 9. Between 4 o'clock and 5 o'clock, a date window is positioned. As you can see from the picture, it says "4"

Band: Two tone stainless steel band of this rolex replica watch.

Case diameter: 40mm

Material: 316 steel and yellow gold

Crystal: Mineral

Movement: Japanese quartz movement


This Daytona BMW watch has stop watch function and a date window display.

The three subdials on the dial of the Rolex Daytona replica watch display small seconds(lower sub-dial), minutes(upper left sub-dial), and hours(upper right sub-dial).

The lower sub-dial is constantly running and shows the seconds. 60 seconds / 1 minute equal one full rotation of the hand on that small dial. However, the lower sub-dial is not part of the timing / stopwatch function. The seconds for the timing function, connected with the upper two small dials, are indicated by the long, fine hand on the main dial, which will start counting seconds from zero(the 12:00 position) once the upper push-button is pressed.

The upper left sub-dial indeed has 12 segments each standing for 5 minutes. When the stopwatch hand indicating the seconds on the main dial has completed on rotation, the hand on the upper left sub-dial will approach by 1/5 segment.

The hand on the upper right sub-dial will do one full rotation during one day / 24 hours.

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