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Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Swiss ETA Movement

ETA SA is a Swiss producer of mechanical and quartz watch movement.It is a wholly owned subsidiary of The Swatch Group.The company specializes in the production of ebauche movements which are used in a number of mechanical watches.ETA has owned several important Swiss watch movement companies including Valjoux, Peseux and Lemania, for a number of years.

The ETA movement is used in many famous watches, including Rolex, Omega, and even replica Rolex watch models.This movement will automatically wind by a semi-circle weighted rotor which rotates as the watch moves while being worn.

The Swiss ETA automatic movements are durable, reliable, and last for a long time with proper maintenance. This trend has proven itself over the years. If you are looking for something entirely reliable, that you can just wear for years to come, then a watch based on this movement would probably be the best buy for you. Generally, for a automatic movement, it will never be able to over-wind as it has a clutch assembly on the mainspring to allow the mainspring to slip once the watch is fully wound. This Swiss ETA movement is a bi-directionally winding movement, which makes it very efficient. This means that whether the rotor turns clock-wise or counter-clockwise, it still winds the movement.

One workhorse of the ETA mechanical line is the ETA 2836-2, ETA 2836-2 is a 28,800 BPH movement. BPH means Beat Per Hour. It also means the watch ticks and tocks 28,800 times per hour. Actually, it is the balance wheel which makes this number of swings clockwise and counter-clockwise every hour. Each swing is a “Tick” (or Tock) and the number per hour, divided by 60 minutes, and 60 seconds, will tell you how smooth the seconds hand runs. For the case of the ETA 2836-2, we have 8 “Ticks/Tocks” per second, and the hand will appear to “Sweep” across the dial, this is the smoothest you can get for this movement. I heard some could go as high as 36,000 BPH. But, I have yet to see one myself.

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