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Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Rolex GMT Master Blue Dial

The Rolex GMT Master has a 24-hour hand and an independently adjustable 12-hour hand allowing you to check the time in any two time zones. The GMT uses a bi-directional rotatable bezel marked zero to twenty three allowing for a second time zone to displayed with the GMT hand pointing to the bezel hour.

The picture above is a Rolex GMT Master replica watch, this replica rolex is almost the same as the original Rolex GMT. Seeing from the picture, it says "AAA", which means this type of replica watch is the best, because it uses Swiss ETA 2836 movement.


Size: 40mm

Steel: 316

Crystal: Scratch resistant sapphire

Dial color: Blue

Date: Date window is positioned at 3 o'clock

1 comment:

  1. There is NO such thing as "AAA" ratings on replicas! I work with dealers DIRECTLY from China and there factories! You can get ULTIMATE versions of watches that are very close to the original watch, but your rating system is to just get money and is a scam. If this seller doesn't send you 5 to 10 quality control pics of the EXACT watch he will be sending you, DON'T Buy it! The ETA Swiss Movement should last a LIFETIME if properly oiled from the factory and cares for after purchase. Ever hear of a Rolex, or even a watch with $200, failing after 5 years? No. Not unless it is an ASIAN CLONE of the real (ETA is the maker of 2836) Swiss thing. Join a replica forum and buy from TRUSTED DEALERS that other Americans and Europeans have bought from and left feedback on. Trust me, you pay for a Swiss Movement you'll pay extra and never know this difference until it breaks.... This guy knows you'll never open the back up. Buy the way, REAL 2836 movements sell for well over $100 US. Good luck!