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Monday, July 13, 2009

Rolex Replica New Model-Datejust Royal Pink

In 2009,Rolex produces a new model-Datejust Royal Pink, and we have its imitation now. The real one is made by 18K gold and South Africa diamonds. It is really beutiful,of course, its price is also high. But you can choose a much cheaper one-the replica Rolex Datejust.

This replica Rolex new model watch looks as the same as the real one. There are many diamonds on its dail ,case and the strap. They all mounted very sturdy, they are not lost even the watch plunged. Of course, we do not advise you to drop the watch only to test weather it is sturdy as all the watches should be treated tenderly.

About the metel, the real one uses full 18K gold, and the case of this Datejust new model uses the PVD 18K gold, almost 0.2mm thick. Please keep your repica watch clean and dryness. The replica one is certainly waterproof, but i suggest that you keep your replica watch away from water.

The strap of this replica rolex is made of rubber. The rubber is made from Thailand and its handle is very good.

Here comes the movement, this model of replica Datejust uses top quality Asia 2836 Movement, all parts of that movement is imported from Swiss, and assembled in China. Of course, the Swiss ETA 2836 movment is better than the Asia ETA 2836 movement, but the former has price advantage. This watch is sold only $418.

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